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About Kolektiv 22

Kolektiv 22 gets its name from the Slovenian word "kolektiv" meaning a group of people that have something in common. We are a sister and a brother running a coffee roastery, inspired by the long local and family coffee tradition.

1922 is the year that our Granny was born. She grew up in the Alps close to Italian border where they used to sneak in good coffee from Trieste. For a time after the war when coffee imports were banned, it was smuggled contraband in exchange for local Alpine butter. 


In our family, coffee has always brought people together; at breakfasts, after skiing to chat with friends, or sometimes guests stopping by from out of town. In the Alps, coffee is key to mastering the mountains. The timeless and universal appeal of coffee makes it the perfect pillar for a "kolektiv".

At Kolektiv 22, we want to honour the tradition of coffee. We then combine it with the best that this part of the world has to offer, all roasted in the crisp Alpine air.

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